Friday, July 27, 2012


One day, almost 3  years ago,  I just disapeared from here!  I didnt mean to do that.  I recently had my first look at my blog in all that time and I cant believe I just abandoned it like that. I actually like my little blog.  I was just beginning to even get a few people who would read occasionally and then I deserted them too!

One thing that happened was: BARRACUDA.  That would be the content filtering network of choice by the I.T. staff at work.  It didnt matter that I only worked on my blog during my lunch hour.(ok--and maybe a slow time here and there)   It was now a FORBIDDEN website.  Seeing as how there was just no free time going on in my house after work to pay attention to my blog, it just came to a halt.

Later, I even got rid of my internet access at home.  I know---can you believe it?  But, I'd developed a little addiction to Family Feud on Facebook and decided that if I had time for Facebook, but not time for my quiet time with God and Bible study, then I had to do whatever it took to stay away from Facebook.  We were already blocked from it at work.....BARRACUDA...

And guess what?  It really wasnt that bad.  I have actually survived and thrived without internet access at home.   I get e-mail notifications if someone posts on my FB wall or tags me in a comment or picture.  Sometimes that can cause a little bit of urgency to get on FB.  I will want to reply to the message or see what kind of picture someone has posted of me without my knowledge!  People are "liking" it and commenting on it and I dont even know what it is.   I will feel this need to get to a computer with internet access that is  not blocked from all the fun stuff.   But, soon--that feeling goes away.  I realize the world wont come to an end if I cant immediately (or even at all) post my feelings on a matter or my response that I'm sure everyone would have thought was so clever and witty.  And--so what if everyone in the world has seen a picture of me and I didnt get a chance to see if I would approve of it.  If it made me look too fat,  wrinkly, etc-----it was probably a perfect likeness of me!

So, anyway-- something brought me back to my little blog.  And it so comfortable here.  At first I didnt feel like I could write here anymore.  How would I begin?  What could I say?  Can a person who is not a writer get writer's block anyway?? : )    So, I decided to just jump in and start typing.  And guess what?  It was super easy to just start rambling mindlessly once again!   I hope I will get to stay for awhile.

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